Three Quintessential Truths on My 32nd Birthday

Today is the day that I thank God for 32 years of life. Thanking Him is important because although I planned to live this long, I had no way of making sure that I did. To go even further, I wasn’t even responsible for getting myself into the world to think about reaching 32. So, who should I thank? God! So on this day I’ve chosen to share with you all some things that I have learned in life. You may call them lessons, principles, etc. All that is important is their relevance in my life, and potentially yours.

1. The biblical God is real

Depending on your religious orientation you may or may not agree with that statement. As a Christian, Seventh-day Adventist, I’ve been reminded time and again of the realness of that God. I’m not referring to experiences where I’ve pinpoint God’s hands in motion, but to emphatic throbbings at the mind that shout of God’s realness. It is a profound thing.

The hardships that I’ve faced did not deter me from leaving the congregation of the saints because of this profound truth. As simple as it may sound, it is profound. I was hoping that during these times that God would have made a grand gesture, or ease the confusion by pulling the mind to meditate on some profound theological truth. However, that was not the case. Instead, I found my mind centering all its energy on the existence of God.

Everything else that I believe in or live by revolves around this essential reality. The reality of God’s existence affects everything I say, do, or think. Of course it is not to the degree of perfection, which is the goal. However it is the building block upon which my house stands. I believe that if I remain on this foundation then my house will continue to stand. This block will preserve the most important thing: my character.

2. A few good friends

I’ve never been a socialite. This may seem unbelievable since I was a public speaker for a number of years. The idea of having many friends and acquaintances was never appealing. Being in so many friendships leaves no time to really develop anything deep with a few individuals because you are always being pulled in one direction or another. The more people that you are building with, the more of yourself that is exposed. These people are not necessarily sharing with you as much as you are sharing with them. Thus, it mostly winds up being one sided.

The people that you suppose are your close friends may not view you in that light. That is to say that if you believe X is your close friend, but X thinks that J is his close friend, then X, naturally, shares things with J. Some of the things that are shared may be about you. All one really needs is a few good friends in the truest sense of the word.

3. Don’t talk too much

We all have a group that we are known to be around, places that we visit, and activities that we partake in. In these common areas we feel free to express ourselves as we naturally are. All this is fine and well. But there are times when we are around people, are in places, or partaking in certain activities where we should refrain from saying all that is in the mind. In fact, the general principle is that one should never talk too much. Talking too much leaves you open to saying things that are not filtered—meaning, assessed as being appropriate. Once it is out of the mouth it is impossible to bring it back in. If it is a blessed saying than it will bring forth its’ fruit, and vice versa.

Too often I’m amazed at the inability of people my age, and in general, to control their mouths. Surely it is impossible to do this at all times. Sometimes we may respond before we are even aware of what is going on. We are human, it happens. However, if we cultivate the habit of thinking before speaking we will see it happen less and less.

There is a philosophy that is embraced by many of my generation which encourages saying how one feels without regards for the words that are chosen, the time and place. I think it is irresponsible and shows a lack of either, home training or positive response to said training. Some parents do educate their children concerning proper conduct. They were diligent in doing all that they possibly could to ensure that their children were taught correct ways of behaving. But sometimes, despite parents’ best efforts, children resist and reject what is taught. When this happens parents can’t be blame.

Of all the things that goes through my mind these are the 3 simple, yet utterly necessary, things that I would like to share. They have played invaluable roles in my life, and if God sees fit for me to continue, they will continue to do so.


4 comments on “Three Quintessential Truths on My 32nd Birthday

  1. great post, you are a talented writer but there’s some stuff in there to take away. For me the first and second ones were spot on. I have just written a blog on relationships and your second point gave me a new outlook on the topic 🙂

    • Glad that the piece was to your liking. I do think that I can make a stronger case for the third point if i dedicate an entire post to it :). God bless you!

  2. Jerry–

    In what sense is the God you experience ‘Biblical?’ You description: “I’ve been reminded time and again of the realness of that God. I’m not referring to experiences where I’ve pinpoint God’s hands in motion, but to emphatic throbbings at the mind that shout of God’s realness. It is a profound thing.” seems real enough, but doesn’t seem specifically to describe experience with a ‘Biblical’ God per se. That description could as equally apply to a Buddhist or Moslem understanding of God.


    • Greetings Lamont,

      Thanks for stopping by! Very sorry for this late reply. You raised a good question. For the time being, here is my response. I know it is the biblical God because I read the Bible, believe in the One that it describes, and also pray to Him. I have also noticed changes in myself through out the years that did not come because of my goodness or power, but rather by the One who is in me.

      Furthermore, I don’t believe that any other God exist accept for that of the Bible. I believe that every other god is false and is of the Devil (an evil and rebellious angel). This is in line with “biblical” thinking.

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